Invisible City Minneapolis

You receive an urgent message: “I have the documents for you. Meet me in the cafe.  Make sure you’re not being watched.”  Will you follow his instructions?

Invisible City was playable in June 2013 and is now offline.



Invisible City is a free public art event using smartphones.  Unlock chapters of a spy story and uncover hidden spaces in the city by meeting virtual characters and following their directions… or not.  It’s a self-guided experience lasting about one hour.  What was your experience like?  Tell us on Facebook.

Featuring the voices of: Billy Mullaney, Vladimir Rovinsky, and Rebecca Yoho. Graphic design: Scot Covey.

Special thanks to:  Janine’s Cafe; Dunn Bros Washington Avenue; Melinda at Forecast Public Art; Charles Campbell; Blake Bolan; Sarah Kelley-Pegg; and all those people who tested the event and gave early feedback.

Originally funded by Forecast Public Art with additional support from the Jerome Foundation. Created by Sean Kelley-Pegg.